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Mastertouch Canvases of any of these scenes are available for an additional $300.


Clipper Ships

The Dunes

Winter Landscapes

The Christmas Tree Ship

Freedom Forever

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The Mastertouch Canvas is the result of a special process in which a signed and numbered, limited edition print is transferred onto canvas. It is not a copy. For each Mastertouch Canvas produced, one of the prints from the limited edition must be physically sacrificed.

During the process, the paper portion of the print is eliminated. The colors remain intact as they are chemically transferred directly onto the canvas and sealed to the surface with a protective acrylic finish.

The primary benefit is the striking resemblance to one of Vickery's original paintings. When the colors are part of the canvas, the image appears to have greater depth—a softer, more 3-dimensional look. What’s more, the protective finish eliminates the need for glass while enhancing the vibrancy of the colors and the responsiveness to light.

Because only the actual image of the print becomes a part of the canvas, the overall framed size is slightly smaller than that of the standard limited edition print, and the title, signature, and number are lost in the process. Therefore, to guarantee their authenticity as being part of a limited edition, canvases are made from prints which Mr. Vickery had specially signed in the lower portion of the image.

In addition to their enhanced beauty, many collectors also find them particularly desirable because of the relatively small number that will be produced over the life of a print.

Pricing is $300 above the price of the print.

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